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Week at a Glance: 9/26-10/2

I wanted to put out our first of many, "Week at a Glance," emails for the upcoming season. I am currently working on the club website, getting things up-to-date for the current season. Our registration link will go live on the CMWC website during the first week of October for parents to register for the 2022-2023 CMWC wrestling season.


Action Items for Parents: 


Before the season starts up again I need our parents to acquire a USA Wrestling Card for their athlete. The card is the basic Folkstyle USA Wrestling Card and is $15-$20 in price. This card. serves as the umbrella insurance policy for our program, and athletes will not be able to practice or compete until acquiring this card. This can be accomplished by visiting, 


The second action item for club parents is to send Coach Allgood their athletes sizing for their uniform for the season. Similar to last season we will offer registration options for "Beginner" and "Advanced" wrestlers. The "Beginner" registration option is for 1st or 2nd year wrestlers that have no interest in competing in any of the weekend tournaments and will receive only a team t-shirt to wear to practices. The "Advanced" registration option will come with our Brute Uniform Package that includes; competition shorts, a competition compression shirt, singlet, and team practice shirt.


We will be using the same uniform package as last season as in the past we have stuck with the same uniform packages for 2 year increments. If all pieces of the uniform package still fit your athlete, you will not need to order another uniform package, but I will still need sizing for the separate team practice shirt. 


The deadline to get Coach Allgood your athletes uniform size is Monday, October 17th so please email those sizes to this email address ASAP. 


Parent Meeting & First Day of Practice:

The CMWC Parent Meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 17th. We will begin practice the following Monday, October 24th. I will have further information on dates and locations within the next, "Week at a Glance." email. 


In the meantime please be sure to email me sizes for both the uniform package as well as for the team t-shirt. Please acquire wrestlers USA Wrestling Card prior to the first day of practice.

CMWC Information



USA Wrestling Card:

You must have a USA Wrestling Card for your son or daughter before you are allowed to practice! This is who our insurance policy is through, so your athlete will not be allowed to step on the mat until you have one. You should all print out the card once you have it, as you will have to show the front desk workers at every Peak 2 Peak Tournament before you will be allowed to compete. I will also go through and print out all wrestlers cards that have gone through and affiliated themselves with Cheyenne Mountain Wrestling Club. Our first practice I will have a copy of every wrestlers USA Wrestling Card, and I really don't want to have to tell anyone that they aren't allowed to practice because they don't have it! The USA Wrestling Card can be acquired at Thank you very much for your time, and as always please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Cheyenne Mountain Wrestling consists of three programs.  The first program is Cheyenne Mountain Wrestling Club, which consists of boys and girls from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade.  The second program is Cheyenne Mountain Junior High, which consists of wrestlers from Sixth through Eighth Grade.  The final program is Cheyenne Mountain High School, which consists of wrestlers from Ninth through Twelfth Grade.  Each program is independent from one another, yet all programs work together for the advancement of Cheyenne Mountain Wrestling.  In this website, you will find all the information that you need to get your son involved in one of our programs.  In addition, you will find all the information that you need to stay informed throughout the season.  Good luck this year and thank you for being part of the Cheyenne Mountain Family.

Mission Statement

Cheyenne Mountain Wrestling Club develops young wrestlers in positive, safe, character-based programs.  The focus is on improving individual abilities and personal skills, being an encouraging teammate, making new friends, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and having fun.

Cheyenne Mountain Wrestling Club is an IRS Approved 501 {c}{3} Organization