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Week at a Glance: 10/19-10/25

We had a great first week of practice and I have been impressed on our kid's ability to pick up technique and continue to move forward. The sport of wrestling builds off of solid base technique, so it is important that we continue to build off of previous technique, and the kids have been doing great thus far. Please try to have your athlete to the club facility a couple minutes before 6:15 PM so they have time to get their temperature checked, sanitize hands, and put shoes on and are ready to go by 6:15 PM. Our practice schedule will look the same this week. I will post practice dates and time for the upcoming week below.


Monday 10/19: 4th-8th Grade 6:15 PM-7:45 PM

Tuesday 10/20: K-3rd Grade 6:15 PM-7:45 PM

Wednesday 10/21: 4th-8th Grade 6:15 PM-7:45 PM

Thursday 10/22: ALL GRADES 6:15 PM-7:45 PM


Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.


Gil Allgood

2020-2021 Cheyenne Mountain Wrestling Club Apparel Store

Attached is the link for the apparel store for the CMWC 2020-2021 Season. This is a great opportunity for friends and family to purchase team spirit wear for the upcoming season. Please DO NOT order a wrestling singlet for you son or daughter. I will be placing the individual wrestling apparel package for all of our athletes that will include our team singlet. The deadline to place an order will be October 25th 2020. This will need to be on an individual basis. 

2020-2021 CMWC New Facility Fundraiser

Hello All, It has been a challenging year thus far in regard to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Because of the precautions that both Cheyenne Mountain High School as well as Jr. High have taken due to the pandemic our access to either gyms won't be possible for some time. We have had the luxury of having to pay very little to rent space for our wrestling club to practice in the past. However, because we won't have access to either of these locations we have elected to rent a new facility to ensure the future success of the lclub. With that comes the need to pay a monthly rent fee. I have put together a link to raise money for our new facility. Please visit this link and share with friends and family to helo raise funds to pay for our new facility. Anything helps, and we appreciate all of the help!

Welcome to the 2020-2021 Wrestling Season

Welcome to the 2020-2021 Cheyenne Mountain Wrestling Club Season. We will have our parent meeting on October 5th at 6:30 PM at our new facility located off of Airport and Circle. The address for the facility is 2520 Airport Rd. Colorado Springs, CO 80910. Please be sure to bring your own chair if you would like to sit as we will meet in our new wrestling room. Please be sure to bring a mask as well. We will discuss the schedule and logistics of our upcoming season. I have added the 2020-2021 registration under the registration tab, so please begin to register your son or daughter for the upcoming season. Also, please begin to send Coach Allgood sizing for your son or daughter for our uniform package. You can send sizing information to

CMWC Information



USA Wrestling Card:

You must have a USA Wrestling Card for your son or daughter before you are allowed to practice! This is who our insurance policy is through, so your athlete will not be allowed to step on the mat until you have one. You should all print out the card once you have it, as you will have to show the front desk workers at every Peak 2 Peak Tournament before you will be allowed to compete. I will also go through and print out all wrestlers cards that have gone through and affiliated themselves with Cheyenne Mountain Wrestling Club. Our first practice I will have a copy of every wrestlers USA Wrestling Card, and I really don't want to have to tell anyone that they aren't allowed to practice because they don't have it! The USA Wrestling Card can be acquired at Thank you very much for your time, and as always please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Cheyenne Mountain Wrestling consists of three programs.  The first program is Cheyenne Mountain Wrestling Club, which consists of boys and girls from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade.  The second program is Cheyenne Mountain Junior High, which consists of wrestlers from Sixth through Eighth Grade.  The final program is Cheyenne Mountain High School, which consists of wrestlers from Ninth through Twelfth Grade.  Each program is independent from one another, yet all programs work together for the advancement of Cheyenne Mountain Wrestling.  In this website, you will find all the information that you need to get your son involved in one of our programs.  In addition, you will find all the information that you need to stay informed throughout the season.  Good luck this year and thank you for being part of the Cheyenne Mountain Family.

Mission Statement

Cheyenne Mountain Wrestling Club develops young wrestlers in positive, safe, character-based programs.  The focus is on improving individual abilities and personal skills, being an encouraging teammate, making new friends, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and having fun.

Cheyenne Mountain Wrestling Club is an IRS Approved 501 {c}{3} Organization